StarMaker Productions is taking on management of New Artists' of all Genres' and advancing their careers to the highest level, 

expanding their recording sells in domestic and international markets, arranging top paying concerts, tours and appearances. Our audio and video production studios are available to our clients at all times.  




Our  representation is extensive and we assume the roles of administrator, managers, booking agent, graphic designer, publicist, promoters, producers, distributor, and accountants.


  • We focus on developing a reputation for the artist and building a fan base, which include mastering and launching a demo CD, developing and releasing press kits, planning promotional activities and booking shows worldwide.

  • We have developed relationships with record companies, publisher, agents, photographers, promoters, distributers, and the music loving public.

  • We see that CD labels, CD Covers, posters and promotional materials appropriately represent the band or artist, and that press kits are released in a timely manner to appropriate media.

  • We launch CD’s with complementary venues and dates, handle all security issues, liaison labor unions.

  • We manage the tour budget, accommodations, food and entertainment, and handle venue financial issues including collections for Artists.

  • We manage client contracts, business matters and present solid plans and strategies to ensure accelerated career development and growth including financial security planning.


  • We have our own audio and video production studio with the finest equipment available with some of the industrys best producers and engineers.


  • We invest time into our clients and create maximum perfection in  your  performance. Orientation begins with instrumentation, backup vocals, and choregraphy in advance of a video production for marketing and commercial release.

can have your albums/singles placed into more than 5000 retail stores, digital download services such as iTunes, Amazon, Napster,, Pandora, Rock Band Network and all major mobile networks across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Distribute your music through 125 of the world’s most relevant digital storefronts. Have unlimited ringtone and wallpaper sales throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K. and have your songs heard to over 700 am/fm radio and satelite stations in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. 

Perform In World Famous Arenas' High Pay Performances  

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